1/2 Hour Reading     $65

Full Hour Reading    $125

Image by Antonika Chanel

Reiki & Biomat Healing

Traditional Meditative Reiki   $75   1hr

Reiki with Intuitive Messages $100     1hr

*Please note that this is not a detailed and focused reading.  We are focused upon facilitating your healing and tranquility of mind, body and spirit. Intuitive hits will come, but is not sole intention of this service.

Amethyst Biomat in Solace    $60      1hr


Vibrational Astrology

Vibrational Astrology is evidence based and THE method of astrology for the 21st century!  Here we look at your planetary patterns through the lens of vibration and harmonics.  Detailed and accurate, there are many topics that may be explored here such as relocational moves, current  transits and how they are affecting you and partnership/synestry. 

I possess a Certified Professional Astrologer Certificate under the amazing apprenticeship and mentoring of David Cochrane.  Our years of studying together along with my classmates was nothing short or remarkable.  VA is an absolute joy and honor to share!

$150 per hr. consultation