Readings are offered both in person and by phone.  However, to schedule a phone reading please email me to set up your appointment time as the time slots listed are reserved for in office appointments.


1/2 hr.  One on One Reading         $50   


1/2 hr,  Couples Reading                $75

1 hr,  One on One Reading            $100

Mini Message Circle                       $35 

(group size up to 4)                         per 


Reiki & Biomat Healing

Traditional Reiki                           $60

Intuitive Reiki                                $75

with Messages

Biomat Therapy                            $50

(full hour)

Astrology Readings

I possess a Level 2 certification in Western Astrology, taught by Debra Silverman and am currently enrolled in a professional Vibrational Astrology program with the amazing David Cochrane.  When booking astrology readings, please include your name, date, time and location of birth as these are essential for an accurate reading.

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