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My intuitive gifts are generational, stemming  from a long line of women who were powerful, magical healers.  I carry their legacy humbly.  While they have always been with me, I have continued to learn, grow, and fine tune my skills  with some of the very best mentors, teachers and guides.

My journey with Tarot began over 30 years ago.  I believe it to be my first  language and absolute love.  In 2017 I was recognized by the local community and awarded "The Best of Syracuse" - Psychic Medium and Energy Healing. I am still humbled to this day!  My work is my passion and I am dedicated to always bringing my very best to Healing Inspirations; my home for the last 15 years.

I have since spent a tremendous amount of time earning a Professional Astrology Certificate.  Currently. I have been deep in scientific astrological research, studying vibrational patterns involved psychological disease.  In addition, I am newly appointed  and serving as the Director of Education for the Cosmobiology Institute.  I cannot wait to see this path continue to unfold in science melding completely with Spirit. Pure Alchemy!

I possess a BSc. and BEd.  Academia, ancient knowledge, metaphysics, astronomy, and teaching are my true passions.  In addition, I am a 2nd* Priestess in the Cabot Tradition.



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